Testimony time with David Okon Effiong aka Davedee

My Recharge and Get Paid Testimony

Moving from Zero to Hero is a reality as Mr. David Effiong shares how his life history was re-written with recharge and Get Paid Business opportunity.

My name is Mr. David Okon Effiong aka Davedee. I met Recharge and Get Paid by chance at the lowest point of my life online, to shock us I did not have money to Register.

I lost my dad February last year and had spent all i had on his burial.My up line ‘Passive income’ showed me RAGP June last year but for one month, I could not raise N5000 to register so I got my up line’s group link and started advertising on Facebook and WhatsApp.

People were interested to join but when i told them my plight they will either leave or go join another person from another team. It went on like that for a month until I met a young man online call Rotimi Bello, he was actively driving another platform, but when i showed him RAGP compensation plan he was interested immediately.

I told him my plight and he sympathized with me.  The next day he travelled to Lagos and met my up line and registered me with N10,000 while he registered himself under me with N50,000 and I was paid N12,000 instantly. When i saw the instant bonuses i went crazy and went all out. I started this business online in my village and i have been so privileged to have been meeting great minds join and build with me.

Today the story has changed, i now travel by Air to do business at distant destinations, all from proceeds from RAGP.  If I had missed this opportunity i wonder what my life would have become. Nothing will take me away from RAGP.

I have qualified for the international trip incentive and am really enjoying this business July 2nd 2018 will make me a year old in RAGP and i will like to crown it with either the N2m car fund or N3m housing fund incentive.

Long live RAGP….🍾🍾🍸🍸🍸

David Okon Effiong