Discontinuation of Wallet funding From Our First and Access bank Accounts

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Dear Esteemed Members,

Thanks for your support every time.

The RAGPay designated account detail on your dashboard is personal to you and you alone. Save it on your bank beneficiary list and transfer to it every time you wish to fund your wallet. More detail on this is available here

stop payment to our Access and First banks account

Discontinuation of Auto funding for First and Access banks

In order to provide a better service and effective monitoring of all funding activities coming from RAGPay point, kindly stop all payments to our First and Access banks forthwith; use your RAGPay account instead for e-wallet funding.

Final deactivation of these two banks from the auto funding facilities will be effected on 30th June 2020.

Zenith and UBA banks

The Zenith and UBA banks are still available for Auto funding of your wallet using your profile phone number while making a transfer or cash deposit to the company accounts.

If done properly, you will be funded instantly except a situation of network-related issues that may cause delay funding.  You are expected to contact us by phone or email for such delay issues within 24hrs.

From Customer Care Desk

  • Email to info@rechargeandgetpaid.com
  • This is the only email address available for you to write to us.
  • Stop sending email to any other email addresses tag in the name of RAGP apart from the one above
  • Do not include your password while sending email to us
  • Stop sending multiple emails for the same issue
  • Always check your profile detail to ensure your email and profile phone number is correct.

Thanks for your understanding