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Additional Instructions On Automatic Wallet Funding System

New instructions on Automatic Wallet Funding

Check here for Previous instructions: Click Here

The following information will assist in perfecting the automatic wallet funding system.

New Instructions:

  1. You can fund your wallet anytime and any day of the week as you desire. No restrictions on the number of time you can fund your wallet. Note: N70 charge applies to every deposit made into any of our company accounts

2. You cannot transfer the same amount repeatedly within 48hrs.

i.e You cannot deposit N5000 in the morning, then afternoon you pay another N5000 again. The system will block the second payment.

i.e You cannot deposit N1000 today, then make another N1000 deposit tomorrow, the system will block the second payment.

What you can do

Every payment should be unique.

If you make a deposit of  N1000 in the morning,  if you wish to make any deposit again during the day, Please, you are only expected to deposit N999(Something below N1000) or N1005 or N1001 or N1011(something above N1000).

Keep the 48hrs rule

If you make a deposit of N10000 today, you cannot deposit the same amount until after 48hrs in order to avoid been blocked on the second payment.

You can avoid delay

If you violate these instructions, you will need to present a bank statement before you will be funded.


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