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New MTN Data Price and Commission Level

Dear all,

Thanks for your continuous support and encouragement.

Due to popular demand from distributors who only want to sell data recharge, often complained of the high price of our data, the management as considered your request. The previous price was set to make you more money if you under the network marketing side of this business but price focus makes this difficult to understand.

The New update is stated below:

1.1GB =#600 the buyer get 5% and all the upline get 1% to 10 levels
2. 2GB=#1050 and the buyer get 5% and all the uplines get 1% to 10 levels.
3.5GB =#2600 and the buyer get 5% and all the uplines get 1% to level 1

This is subjected to possible future changes by the management.

Additional information

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2. Ask questions from your Uplines or Team leader first, if you are cleared about any issues.

3. Keep your email to the customer service decent and responsible.

4. Please, stay safe