Guidelines on the New Automated Withdrawal System

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Guidelines on the New Automated Withdrawal System

The Automated Withdrawal System is now live on the dashboard, this means you can now withdraw funds from your wallet directly to your Local bank account. The system works the same way you transfer from your local bank account to another.

The guidelines below will help you to understand how it works

  1. Delivery time to your local bank account is fast and instant, except there is network delay arising from bank-to-bank network.
  2. Verification of the receiver’s details is automatic (Ensure you check before you proceed to effect transfer). A situation of no name detected means a wrong account number.
  3. Your Secret Purchase PIN will be required to complete any transfer successfully.
  4. There is a daily limit of N100,000 to each username.
  5. The maximum withdrawal at any given time is N20000 for each username.
  6. The minimum withdrawal at any given time is N5000 for each username.
  7. There is a fixed withdrawal charge of N155 on each transaction done successfully
  8. Report any issues on withdrawal not received to the customer care within 48hrs
  9. Change your Purchase PIN immediately if you sense any compromise on your account.
  10. Do not send your password and PIN to anyone including to your up lines, or to our email . If you compromised your details, you will be responsible for any loss that may arise from such negligence

Wallet to wallet transfer is free and no limit on your transaction volume.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation