Important Notice On Bank Transfer Limitation(Old Method)

Bank Transfer Options and The limitation.

It is important for every member of Recharge and Get Paid community to understand that the

only  option for payment for new registration is Bank wire.

Bank wire transfer can be done in so many ways to the company account which in turn credited

to your wallet.

Kindly understand the options below and the most acceptable ones.

  1. Bank deposit using teller form – Acceptable
  2. Mobile App  transfer, kindly specify your payment purpose on the comment or description box – Acceptable
  3. Online internet transfer using Banking platform website – Acceptable
  4. Quickteller transfer -(alert lack necessary information on the depositor)  Not acceptable
  5. Short code – ( alert lack clear description sometimes) Not Acceptable

NOTE: every transfer to the company must come with description or comment box detail.

example, “fund bushr334” “reg 4 abupo”

It is essential that the above explanation are taken seriously to avoid funding delay or no

funding at all.