Minimum Wallet Funding Amount

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Wallet Funding Approved Amounts

Dear esteem members

Funding your e-wallet with substantial amount will do you a great good in carrying out registration and other business activities on your account. It is essentially necessary for those who have large down lines and are found of paying bit by bit into the company account leading to paying excessive banking charges. Advantages of Pre-loading your wallet with Funds:

1.    You can register your downlines faster using e-wallet

2.    Instant activation for newly registered account

3.    No need to wait for hours for customer care to fund your account when the issue is urgent

4.    Stress less transaction without the need to visit the bank every time you need funding.

5.    Reduction in bank charges due to frequent transfer to the company account

6.    You can borrow or transfer to other members even with a charge fee from them

Therefore, if funds need to be added to your wallet to cover any transaction, the minimum funding amount is now N1,000. Note: any funding amount below N1,000 will still be processed but a charge of N50 will be applied.

Advisably; you can get funds less than a thousand naira through by other members via wallet transfer rather than paying directly into the company’s account.

Thanks for your understanding.