New Automatic E-wallet Funding Process and guiding instructions(New Method)

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To fund your e-wallet automatically, you must use your registered profile phone number on RAGP website as the name of depositor for a cash deposit.

Your payment description comment or depositor name can contain Phone number(first) + Username(second) ( 0803000000 beycky12)

You can make a transfer or deposit to the bank to fund your e-wallet account.

Available banks, for now, are Zenith, First, UBA and Access banks.

Transfer from Zenith to Zenith, First to First, UBA to UBA or Access to Access is guaranteed to work best.

Transfer from other banks to our Zenith, First, UBA or Access (Diamond) may not be guaranteed to work for some banks.e.g Fidelity

For mobile app transfer, put your registered profile phone number on RAGP website on the Comment box, narration box or description box to have your wallet funded instantly.

Automatic e-wallet funding

Multiple accounts with same profile phone number will not be funded instantly.


Important Notice:

N70 charges applies to any amount of payment for automatic funding

You cannot transfer the same amount twice in a day. For example, you transfer N500 in the morning, you can only transfer Below 500 or above N500 again for that day

All the Free-User accounts pending on the system till December 2018 will be deleted.

Manual funding by our admin will still be available for now, funding time is now within 72hrs. Send the usual payment detail to our email for funding.

Don’t expect automatic funding here, you can only complain after the funding time expiration.

Only one phone number per account is allowed, the same phone number in multiple accounts are not accepted.

You are responsible for any loss that may arise due to personal error or negligence that may arise due to loss of money. Cross-check your phone number properly

Week-end transaction: If you are making a payment over the weekends, please transfer different amount for each day, or at every time you need to fund your wallet.

You can transfer to the same account for multiple time in a day, but each amount should be different if not, the system will see it as duplicate transactions if the amount is the same.

Account funding may be delayed due to none payment notification to our account.

If you see Redline indicator, it means you have your details in multiple places, therefore, your funding will be pending until the issues are resolved.

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