How to Reset Your RAGP Login Password

Simple 10 steps to Reset your RAGP Login Password

Did you Forget your password and unable to login to your Recharge and Get Paid account dashboard?

RAGP password reset
RAGP password reset

This article walks you through resetting the main account password–the password you use to log in to your dashboard.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on login button on the top menu
  3. Below the User login interface, you will see this question “I can’t remember my password”
  4. Click on the Password, the system takes you to the Password Reset Interface
  5. Enter your registered email and username and click on the reset button to continue
  6. Login to your email inbox or Spam to check the email message from RAGP
  7. Click the link in the email received to set a new password or ignore if you have not made such request.
  8. Provide a new, easy remember and strong password
  9. Click reset button to complete the process
  10. Login to your RAGP Dashboard with your username using the new password

How to set strong password for your account

Ensure your password meet the below requirement.

  1. At least eight characters
  2. At least one capital letter
  3. At least one lowercase letter
  4. At least one number
  5. At least one special character


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