PURCHASE PIN: Will Be Required To Complete Wallet Transfer

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The PURCHASE PIN will now be required to complete the transfer of the wallet.

There is no need for a Transaction Password anymore for wallet transfer.

You can reset your Purchase Pin at any time if forgotten from the Profile Menu breakdown


Your purchase pin is different from your Login password

Your Purchase pin is personal number and should not be disclosed to anyone for your own wallet safety

Email address is permanently locked, it won’t be reopened again. so, use active email for all new registrations.

If you have any issues of error, fake and non-active email address, send an email to info@rechargeandgetpaid.com for correction.

It is not the responsibility of our staff to set a purchase pin for you, kindly desist from it.

If you are not clear about any issues, contact your sponsor/upline first, your team members or your training center coach.

Wallet transfer: Verify the receiver’s username properly before making a transfer, you may lose your money if wrongly transferred to the wrong username.

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