Pre-update on the RAGP PAY POINT Wallet Funding Method

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RAGP PayPoint Wallet Funding Method

What is RAGP Paypoint?

It is a wallet funding method for RAGP members only through the use of bank transfer to a designated account number. Every member will have a unique account number, account name and from the Providus Bank.

How does this work?

All you need is to copy your unique account number and other provided details from your back office, then transfer or cash deposit any amount, at any time of the day or from any bank accounts to the account details provided for you at the back office.


When will my wallet be credited?

The funding process will take between 3mins to 5mins to credit your wallet.

 Why is my wallet not credited in time?

Kindly exercise some patience; it will be resolved within few hours. If wallet not credited within 24hrs, contact the customer care service.

 What is the fee amount for this method?

The processing  is still N70 for every payment

 Do I need to use my phone number for this method?

Not necessary.

 Can I still use Auto Wallet funding method by transferring or depositing directly to RAGP account?

Yes, you can.

 Can I make multiple transfers to my RAGP PayPoint account in a day?

Yes, you can

 Do you support payment of the same amount in a day?

No, not advisable

Can I still send money to my up line for funding?

Do transfer to your RAPG Paypoint for instant funding rather transferring to your upline.

 Can I give my RAGP PayPoint account details to other people for payment?

Yes, all payment received using this account fund your wallet automatically. It can only be accessed on the RAGP website.

How do I prevent authorize access to my wallet?

Keep your Purchase PIN safe. You can change it at any time under Profile detail