NEW MESSAGE FROM RAGP CEO- It’s Time To Ragpifield and Takeover 2022.


We want to thank all of our partners for sticking by us during this difficult time. We understand the pains this period has inflicted on you and the relationship lost. We are very much aware that a significant number of our users are dissatisfied and concerned about how services have become unstable and the site’s usability has deteriorated; we apologize for all the inconveniences you may have experienced during this time and have promised to restore things as soon as possible.

Recharge and get paid

In the last few weeks, we have made significant progress in improving the site’s efficiency and usability in order to better serve you. It is no coincidence that the current site facilities cannot carry us again, resulting in several failed transactions, lack of transaction history for airtime and other services, loss of funds, and a constant error response whenever you try to recharge.


The long awaited new site is ready for deployment, and we are more determined than ever to serve you better than ever before. The new site will be deployed and made live/operational on or before January 1, 2022. And some of your earlier suggestions and recommendations to the management has been considered and implemented in the new site.

When live, you will be properly guided on how you can migrate to the new site without hassle. Please be assured that no data or fund will be lost in this process.

Please accept our apologies once again regarding the lien wallet. All lien wallet funds are being treated manually, which has resulted in a significant delay in refunding everyone at once. We hope to complete this before the end of February 2022 for all members who currently have funds in the lien wallets.

To all our esteemed partners, it is time to RAGPified afresh and takeover 2022. The time is now, let’s regroup and move up together. Let’s have a new start and break new grounds, it is possible because you are capable. Follow us on the News Portal, Facebook and Twitter. Share the link with new and old members.

I wish you a hitch free festive season as you and your love ones mark this year’s birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2022.

Thanks again for your support

Oshopo Ositadimma