SOLUTION: Invalid Details Error Response On Registration Page

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I Have Tried To Register But Unfortunately It’s Response Invalid Details All The Time

We have received several emails on the ‘Invalid detail response whenever you try to submit new
member registration form. it is a security feature to keep off internet bot from the site.
The registration of new members is working fine with no issue at all.


What you need to do

Are you getting invalid details error while registering on the website? There may be one of
the following reasons:
  • To achieve a successful registration, please fill the registration form and submit within 5 minutes.
  • If you encounter invalid detail response again, click on the homepage to refresh the site before refilling the form again and complete within the time
  • Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • This problem is majorly associated with those use Opera browser or mini
  • Invalid referral detail can give such response too, please confirm your referral Username properly