Your Testimony: How To Prepare and Tell Your Story

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A testimony serves primarily as a “door opener,” not a “convincing tool.” Many people are not

ready to be convinced that they need to join you, but can often be led to talk about the

business after hearing a personal testimony.


Write your experience on Recharge and Get Paid

When you tell your story of how you have been blessed joining Recharge and Get Paid Business

and how it has worked a miracle in your life, or how it has changed your financial level,

transformed you, lifted and encouraged you to do more in life, because no one can deny your

personal experiences you are simply helping others succeed too.

We know what it means to earn when others use their phone to call, SMS or browse the

internet. Tell us your own story, write to us on this email:

We will publish your testimony here and share to the world of a changed financial life.

Your testimony should highlight the following:

  1. When you joined and how did you get to know about this company
  2. Tell the change you have experienced since joining the business
  3. Kindly include your picture
  4. Tell us your full name and username in the system
  5. Let us know the secret of your business success for others to learn
  6. Your future projection with Recharge and Get paid

Kindly make your testimony simple and readable for others to learn. Video testimony about

Recharge and Get Paid uploaded to YouTube is also welcome