Wallet Security and The Need For Active Email Address

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We have made little changes to how transactions will be executed in the back-office.

Need for Transaction Password

You need to fil in your transaction password to complete any transaction in regards to Airtime purchase, Bill payment, and Cable subscription services.

This will prevent unauthorized transactions on your account

Your First password is your transaction password if your login password has been reset previously, your first login password still remains your Transaction password

You can reset your Transaction Password on the back office

Available options to reset your Transaction password will be available soon if currently forgotten.

Email Address issues

We are giving you the last warning on the use of fake email address for sign up.

You are expected to check your profile email and make necessary changes if it is fake and not active, incorrectly written or not your own email address.

Email edit will be locked within the next few hours, it will be impossible to edit again.

Some services request will only be honoured if the message is sent from your profile email address


Thanks for your understanding