What We learned in 2020

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Happy 2020 Year Ending

Dear RAGP Partner.

We boldly say that you’re the best.

Year 2020 ends today, but the story, the experience and the impact of the year continue with us.

It was challenging and tough starring the ship of this great company but with God helping us we are here to say we made it through.

What we learned in 2020

  1. Get online, go global.
  2. Prepare for an emergency
  3. Build network of men and women
  4. Family is very important
  5. You need to make money
  6. Honour God and men
  7. Problem no dey finish
  8. Be happy
  9. Life is short, make value use of today
  10. Health is wealth took a whole new meaning with emergency of COVID-19.
  11. The word ‘Lock down’ became popular.

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