IMPORTANT NOTICE-Please Read Before Actioning a Withdrawal

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Withdrawal Important Notice

 we take the utmost care when processing your funds. All of our financial transactions are processed by the Interswitch Group – Africa’s leading integrated digital payments and commerce company – and once you request a withdrawal on our website, your details are then manually verified and approved by us and the Interswitch Group and sent for processing. Approved withdrawals are sent directly to your bank account by Interswitch and clear within 24hours of the request. Your withdrawal request will appear as ‘Pending’ in your account whilst this process takes place.

Follow these rules to ensure your withdrawal is approved:

  • Make sure your profile is updated and and your names match exactly with the name on your bank account. Please ensure these names match, otherwise your withdrawal will be declined.Do this before requesting a withdrawal to ensure success.
  • Make sure there are sufficient funds in your account. Remember, you cannot withdraw more funds than you have in your account.
  • The minimum amount that will be processed for withdrawal is ₦1,000. Smaller amounts less than #1,000 will be declined.
  • NOTE: Transfer charges of #155 is applied for amounts ranging from #1,000 to #2,000,000 and charges of #250 for amounts above #2,000,000
  • You will receive confirmation of the withdrawal via email and you can review it status at any time in your RAGP Account.
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