Important Update on Payout, VTU Refund and Wallet Transfer

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Update on Payout, VTU Refund and Wallet Transfer

Thank you all for your patience and commitment in making this opportunity work for us all, it belongs to us, I mean you and you. If this work, it will stay for as long as you want. Kindly share the update below to your networks and groups.

Update 1: PAYOUT

All payout to the bank that is currently pending will not be processed until next Wednesday ( 12th September 2018) through Saturday (15th September 2018) next week. why? The programmer is working on this part of the site

Update 2: VTU Refund

For those who have refused to double check Mobile number and Network provider on airtime recharge page before clicking on transfer, kindly be aware that there shall be no refund processed for you. So, look well and be sure of the number and network. The 97% of this error comes from those who select wrong network provider despite the individual logo of these providers display on recharge page.

Update 3: Payout & Wallet Transfer

To ensure stronger security for your transaction on the site, we are implementing Code Verification for all payout and wallet transfer.

What we need from you: Kindly ensure your mobile phone number is correct on your profile, RAGP Code will be sent to the registered number on your profile to complete payout and transfer. This is expected to commence before the end of the month

Update 4: Funding & Approval

Funding and approval automation coming soon