What to do After You Have Sponsored Someone

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Each sponsor is responsible for building his/her own business. Recharge and Get Paid recognises that support, training and motivation from the Sponsors/Uplines are also important to the continued growth of your downline.

Remember this, you get paid to have a DOWNLINE, not an UPLINE. … it forces you to step up into the leadership role right from day one.

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What to do After You Have Sponsored Someone

As a sponsor, there are certain steps that you should take after enrolling someone in your opportunity.

  1. Train and motivate the new members of your business network
  2. If they are on social media, be sure to welcome them to the team.  This could be on your personal page or team page (whichever you prefer) but people love to feel welcomed.
  3. Create a Whatsapp group for your downlines to assist and guide them to effective use of the website, wallet funding, registration of new members and withdrawal
  4. Educate them on membership plans for new members
  5. Organise meet up among your downlines