Ways To Fund Your E-wallet

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Ways to fund your E-wallet

Funding your RAGP e-wallet account is now made simple in these 3 ways

  1. Use your RAGpay Designated Account.

To use your RAGP pay point to fund your e-wallet account, the first step is to log in to your dashboard, click on the Menu drop-down, go to Fund wallet. The designated account name, bank and account number will be seen on that page. Always transfer or make a deposit to this account for all your funding need if this method is preferable

  1. Direct payment to RAGP Bank account.

This method permits you to pay directly to our company bank account. The two available banks for this method are Zenith and UBA.

You are expected to use your RAGP profile phone number in your description box or as the depositor’s name for Cash deposit. Please, irregular network-related issues may sometimes affect your funding speed.

  1. Get a wallet from other members.

This is the most simple and cost-effective method of funding your e-wallet. It affords you of instant funding without any processing charge or delay.

It isĀ  advisable you pay to get a wallet from the person known to you to avoid being defrauded

Keep funding, keep earning